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NOTE: The above table is based on card size. It doesn't matter it is landscape or portrait. Both Side A/B can be the width/height.

Example: If the card size you want is 70mm x 80mm​, choose product JC-M2.

Step 1. Depending on the size of your card, find the product code from the Jewellery Card Size Code Table above that fit your card size.
(Note: Side A x Side B can be either in Landscape or Portrait depending on the orientation of your design)


Step 2. Choose from a Product below that is relevant to the Product Code, fill up all the required fields and add to the cart.


  • ADD-ON EXTRA HOLES (OPTIONAL) - we provide up to 3 free holes, but if you need to add extra holes to your cards, go to the EXTRA HOLES add-on below and add to the cart.

  • ADD-ON SLIT-CUTS (OPTIONAL) - if you need to add slit-cut to your cards, go to the EXTRA SLIT-CUT add-on below and add to cart.


- if you need rounded corners, go to the Finishing - Round Corners add-on below and add to the cart.

- if you need laminating, go to the Finishing - OPP Lamination add-on below and add to the cart (for art card material only).

  • DIE-CUT SHAPE (OPTIONAL) - if you want the card to be die-cut into your designed shape, go to the Custom Die-Cut add-on below and add to cart. (NOTE: Only suitable for Gloss Art Card & PET material only)

  • ARTWORK & DESIGN (OPTIONAL) - if you do not have your own artwork, go to the Artwork & Design add-on below and add to the cart.
    (Click here for Artwork Guideline if you can do your own artwork.)


Step 4. After you have added the above to the cart, go to the Shopping Cart to view the total amount.

Step 5. In the shopping cart, you can change the shipping options to self-collect or the delivery option you want.

Step 6. If the total price is ok for you, check out for payment to confirm your order. Else you can just remove and cancel the items.

If you prefer cards without any holes/slits. Consider doing it under our Thick Cards section which will be cheaper.

Choose a Product or Service below for More Details or to Make an Order.