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Here are some Tutorial Guide for you to learn & understanding more about printing, colour, font etc… which may help you in preparing your artwork for printing.


All printing used CMYK process colour.

We prefer artwork file in PDF or AI format.

dpi = dot per inch
RASTER file = Pixels (eg: JPG or PNG)
VECTOR file = Formulas, with outlined path (eg: AI)


Digital output devices – your monitor, scanner, digital camera etc... create colours using combinations of just three colours – Red, Green and blue (RGB).

The printing process uses four different colours to print images – CyanMagentaYellow and Key

(or CMYK – also known as Process colour).

Plain/Standard Black = 100% K (for Text)
Rich Black = C50, M50, Y50, K100 (for Images or Graphic), this colour setting give you a really solid black while printing.

Registration Black = this colour setting is NOT recommended for printing as some paper may not be able to handle it.

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