TEXTILE STAMP (for textile/fabric only)

Rapidly apply your personalized impression with one click.

Use on clothing, School Supplies, or other gear. A built-in ink pad is good for over 1000 applications. Specially formulated indelible ink remains visible through countless washings. 

  • Stamp on Dry Fit material.

  • Stamp on Cotton Shirt.

  • Also stamp on Paper, Art Card, Labels, Stickers, Vinyl, and some hard materials like Wood, Plastic etc...

  • Instant dry on normal paper and dry in about 30s on art card.

Textile Stamp_imprint sample-02.png
Textile Stamp Model (TS1236)_imprint sample-01.png


Some materials (like plastic) may take a longer time to dry.

(Please test before actual print).


For Textile/Fabric:

  • The surface must be smooth and flat without a wide/big gap.

  • DO NOT wash within the first 24 hours after applying the stamp impression.

  • Preheat material if possible and spray water immediately after stamping for the best result.


For Hard Materials:

  • For faster finishing, recommend applying the clear acrylic coating as protection.

  • The surface must be clean and flat (Sand with very very fine sandpaper before printing if possible for best result).

  • Recommend to leave for 24hrs before touching.