NOTE for Collection of Order :

  • As we are a home-based office, an appointment is required for controlling human traffic and security purposes.

  • We recommend that you enter your mobile/WhatsApp number so that we can contact you faster for any changes.

  • NO LOGIN IS REQUIRED, but login allows you to make changes or check your booking history.

  • Please book as early as possible as the time slot is subject to availability. You will not be able to book a time slot if someone else already booked it. (15mins apart in view of the covid19 suitable)

  • You can appoint someone else to collect on your behalf. Please enter their details correctly in the booking and pass them the QR-Code we sent to you for collection. (Let us know if you didn't receive the QR-Code).

  • Please come as close as to the booking time to avoid cross-contact with another customer.

  • Booking time for Mon - Fri is from 10am to 8pm, Sat is from 11am to 6pm, Sun is from 11am to 3pm. NA for Eve/PH. 

CAUTION: Make sure you click on the BOOK IT button on the last page to complete the booking.

(Full instruction on how to locate us will be shown in the booking confirmation email sent to you.)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


To prevent Illegitimate use of our online booking for spamming, we will only be attending to your booking if the required information is entered correctly.


  • Make booking only when you received notification from us.

    5 min

  • For an existing customer to refill ink for flash stamp.

    10 min