How to Refill Ink for Flash Stamp?


Easy and no mess.

  1. Pull out the handle.

  2. Drop a few drop of ink into the hole.

  3. Put back the handle.

  4. Leave the stamp standing for at least 30mins.


  • This method cannot be use on Multi-Colour Stamp.

  • Multi-Colour Stamp can only refill by our expert. (FOC)


  1. Turn the stamp upside down. (Eg: put it on a cup smaller then the stamp size)

  2. Open the stamp cover.

  3. Clean the stamping pad surface with a soft brush or tissue if necessary.

  4. Drop just enough ink onto the pad, use a cotton bud to spread the ink over the image area. (Do not spread it to the edge)

  5. Leave the stamp upside down for 3-5 mins.

  6. Remove any excess ink with a tissue.

  7. Chop the stamp onto a piece of plain paper few times until you get a satisfaction imprint.


  • This method can be use on Multi-Colour Stamp but at own risk.

  • For Multi-Colour Stamp, we recommend you let our expert do the reill for you. (FOC)

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