High-quality digital printing on high-quality transparency film
(polyester clear film @ 100 microns).
Please submit the file in PDF format only.

Transparencies are clear sheets of film that can be printed on to create visual aids, overlays for documents, and pages that can be projected using an overhead projector. But this is not the limitation. 

Transparency can also be used in many projects like

  • Stencils.

  • Transparency Art.

  • Tracing.

  • Lightbox.

  • Insert.

  • Monoprinting.

  • Pre-Made Grids.

  • and many more limited to your imagination...



  • Ready within the same day by/before 8pm, if ordered before 2pm on a weekday.

  • Ready by the next working day, if ordered after 2pm on a weekday or ordered on a weekend.

  • If you need the printout urgently on the same day after the above cut-off time, please add on the Express Service

  • Please note that processing time and delivery time are two different things. If you need the order urgently with delivery, please add express to both processing and shipping.

    (Total Lead Time = Artwork Time (if any) + Product Processing Time + Shipping Time)


  • If the artwork contains design all the way to the edges, there will be a 3mm - 6mm blank border as the printer can't print to the edge.

  • DO NOT add trim/crop marks unless you want them to be printed for self-trimming. 

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