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Print your booklets with us at affortable price.

DL Booklet Sample2.jpg
DL Booklet Sample3.jpg
DL Booklet Sample.jpg
POD Process Step.PNG


  • Please note that if the artwork contains design all the way to the edges, there will be a 3mm - 6mm blank border as the printer can't print to the edge. 

  • As the paper will become uneven when folded due to the thickness of the book (learn more...). The border will be trimmed to make it even. Therefore the finished product will be slightly smaller than the order size which must be accepted by the customer.

  • A saddle-stitched booklet comes in 4pp per sheet, therefore your artwork file pages must be on a multiply of 4. (Eg: 8, 12, 16...32). If your file has pages less than a multiply of 4, blank pages will be added.

Saddle Stitched Booklet

Fill up the form below for a quick quotation.

(Please submit a separate form for a different booklet)


CAUTION Depending on your artwork and the paper thickness you have chosen, the finished product size may be smaller after trim.

CAUTION: For A4 Landscape and DL3 Landscape can only do in top bind orientation.


Max 72pp for 80gsm (cover+content)
Max 52pp for 128gsm (cover+content)
Max 36pp for 150gsm (cover+content)

For Thicker Booklet, please go for Comb Bind or Tape Bind.

Bind Orientation (Top Landscape).png
Bind Orientation (Left Landscape).png
Bind Orientation (Top Portrait).png
Bind Orientation (Left Portrait).png



NOTE: The booklet will be slightly smaller after trimming off the white border.

Receiving Option
Preferred Date/Time?
  • Submit a separate form for a different booklet

  • Upload your file after Submitting the form.

File Uploads Button


  • Please add your name in front of the file name.

  • PDF format only. Please convert the non-PDF file to PDF before sending it to us.

Layout Gap
How to prepare/layout the artwork file for Booklet print?

Note: Please provide your artwork in page by page in ascending page order. Insert a blank page if a page is supposed to be blank. Download our template or follow our template guide to set up your artwork correctly.

PDF layout for Booklet Print-01.png
Artwork Layout Gap.png
Icon_Download Template.png
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