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ARE you able to use Adobe Illustrator to create artwork?

ARE you able to find someone that want to do company/personal stamp?

DO you want to make extra income during your free time?

DO you want to be a Stamp Broker/Dealer?

IF your answer is YES to all the above, COME JOIN US.

BE one of our broker/dealer and help bring order to us and you can earn commission from it.

THE more you bring in order, the higher commission you will earn.


  1. Signup with us by filling up the form below.

  2. If we accept your application, you will be issue with a special discount code.

  3. Find you own customer.

  4. Create the artwork by following our template.

  5. Let your customer confirm the artwork is correct.

  6. Make the order from our Online Store.

  7. Enter the special discount code before checkout.

Note: You collect the full amount pricing from your own client and the discount from the special discount code will be the commission you earned.

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