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Thanks for submitting!

We will get back to you asap.

Please submit only once for the same order unless there are changes.

Kindly upload your file for our verification in the filename format below.


  • CONVERT all file to PDF before upload (How?).

  • DO NOT add a folder within a folder. Zip into a single file for easy upload or just upload the whole folder if you have many files to print (How?).

  • RENAME files in sequence as per the example format below for us to quote you faster and to print them correctly.

  • Enter the name and email address during upload the SAME as you entered in the form for us to locate your file correctly.

  • We are not responsible for the print sequence if the file is not named in the required format.

For single-file order only:

For multi-file order with mixed print side:




For multi-file with individual binding

(to be bound as individual book for each file):



For multi-file with combined binding

(to combine a few files and bind together):





File Uploads Button
(Sign in not required)


  • where BK1/BK2... = files to be bind into the same book. 

  • where F01/F02/F03... = the sequence of the file sorting order. 
    (add one more 0 in front if you have more than 100 files)

  • where B = b&w print

  • where C = colour print

  • where SS = single-side

  • where DS = double-side

  • where ?x = number of sets/copies you want to print.
    Eg: 1x = 1 set, 2x = 2 sets or 2 copies.

    (replace ? with the correct figure.)

  • where FN = filename (optional, for your own reference only)


  • All printing will be fit to size if the file page size is not the same as order size unless stated by the customer in the comment box.

  • Any page with full background design will have a white border of about 5mm when printed.

  • Try not to send locked file / watermarked file as we cannot guarantee proper printing of these files.

  • We are not responsible for any printing issue that is caused by the file itself.

Note: All uploaded files will be deleted within 3 days after the order is received by the customer without any issue or when the quote is expired.
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