• Order not collected after 6 months will be destroy to give space for new order. 

  • Vz Print will not be responsible for any refund or replacement once item is destroyed.

  • Vz Print will send not less then 3 reminders to Customer before destroying of the item.

  • If Customer need more time for collection can make booking or rearrange their appointment at our Online Booking System. Any order with a valid booking arrangement will not be destroy.

  • Order not collected will be display below with Expired Date after one month of notification.
    Customer can check out if their Order is still valid for collection.

EXPIRY DATE: 22/04/2017
ORDER DATE: 22/10/2016
STATUS: Distroyed
EXPIRY DATE: 09/11/2017
ORDER DATE: 09/05/2017
STATUS: Distroyed
EXPIRY DATE: 02/06/2017
ORDER DATE: 02/12/2016
STATUS: Distroyed as per client require.
EXPIRY DATE: 07/05/2019
ORDER DATE: 07/11/2018
STATUS: 3rd Reminder Sent
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